Pulpit supply list

The following are available for ministry supply in our synod. Normally, diaconal ministers and seminary students are not available for services of holy communion.

  • To be added or removed from this list – Please contact Sask Synod office at: 306-244-2474 or [email protected]
  • To view the compensation guidelines for pulpit supply please see the Compensation Guidelines

Armistead  Rev. Frank, Regina, 306-526-7712

Baker Rev. Colette, Lanigan, 306-360-7559

Bestvater Rev. Ron, Saskatoon, 306-652-2996, 306-250-1627

Blakley Rev. Carla, Regina 204-230-1323

Buck Rev. Dr. Erwin, Saskatoon, 306-249-2167

Cherland Rev. Rik, Yorkton, 306-782-4337

Danielson Deacon Eldon, Birch Hills, 306-749-3106

Diegel Rev. Michael, Saskatoon, 306-244-4949

Farmer Rev. Hugh, Saskatoon, 306-374-3942

Fowlie-Neufeld Rev. Gregory, Saskatoon 306-374-1726, 306-380-4130

Grant Rev. Gene, Saskatoon, 306-249-3123

Greifenhagen Rev. Dr. Volker, Regina, 306-206-2109

Haugen Rev. Dan, Prince Albert, 306-764-1952, 306-960-9686

Jensen Rev. David, Shell Lake, 306-883-8317

Jespersen Rev. Joan, Star City, 306-547-3376

Johnson Rev. Carlyle, Yorkton, 306-740-8808, 306-621-2414

Langdon Rev. Bob, Moose Jaw, 306-693-2669

Molder Rev. Boyd, Saskatoon, 306-242-1404

Nachtigall Rev. Helmut, Regina, 306-586-0690

Neumann Rev. Dr. Ken, Saskatoon, 306-652-4265

Schmidt Rev. Fran, Saskatoon, 306 716-3954

Schmiedge Rev. Zsófi, Regina, 306-581-0672

Shepherd Rev. Doug, Moose Jaw, 306-692-4312

Stobbs Rev. Marilyn, Watrous, 306-946-3610

Simonson Rev. Patricia, Regina 306-994-3254

Simonson Rev. Terry, Regina, 306-994-3254

Uitti Rev. Dr. Roger, Saskatoon, 306-373-8959



List updated on November 16, 2018

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